8 June 2009

Teaching on a cruise ship - What a gig!

How exciting - Bec & I are going to be teaching art/craft on a cruise ship!!

We now have official documentation and lecturer contracts from the Cruise Liner - and it all looks set to finally happen!

The first thing this image makes me think of is cruising....... quoits anyone? Look at what we are going to be creating on the cruise -
  • Magnets - Using mixed media collage techniques
  • Artist Trading Cards - Image transfer techniques
  • Mini Travel Journal - Using packing tags, paint, ink and journalling
  • Fashion Badges & Hair slides - using felt
  • Art journalling - Colourful pages, with paint and mixed media styles
  • Card making - Faux watercolour rubber stamping
  • Mini Canvas - A cute canvas, painted and collaged
  • Beautiful Bracelets - using swarovski crystals, charms and buttons

Bec and I are getting SO excited now.... but - after the last disappointment of the cruise Bec & I were supposed to be teaching on being cancelled, I didn't want to post here until I was certain it was going to happen again!

YES, it now looks like it's happening...... but, I guess, until we have actually boarded (or is that embarked?) the cruise ship - we won't feel it's real..... it seems so unreal at the moment!!

This time the cruise is for the Sun Princess "Treasures of Asia" itinerary. It's for 16 nights - so a nice comfortable number for a first time cruiser..... we actually were almost going on a 46 day African/Indian odyssey - but I chickened out. With just having relocated our store, I felt it was too long to close the store and be away. So we took the 2nd option - to go to South East Asia.
Bec and I are now getting excited, as we have only one week on Wednesday before we leave!

We are busy getting kits ready for the workshops we are teaching on board...... and we only have to teach 8 lessons (of only 2 hours each) the whole duration of the cruise... So it leaves us plenty of time to explore, relax and enjoy.

I'm looking forward to meeting lots of people, seeing lots of cabaret shows and relaxing on the decks with a good book - not to mention visiting the 'spa centre' and the hot-tubs!!
Of course, we will be very careful about the current 'swine flu' scares, and will take every precaution to make sure we wash our hands thoroughly and avoid anybody that is coughing or spluttering!! haha I guess, if that is going to happen, we won't avoid it anyway... Bec said to me the other day - "Well Mum, if we are going to be quarantined for any reason, isn't it best we be stuck on a cruise liner than at some dodgy airport or sat on a plane??" - Heck Yeah!!!!

So after next Wednesday, you might not see me blog as much for a while - unless I get to use the internet cafe on the cruise (I probably will at some point in time) but I'm sure I will be doing so many other things.....

Wish us luck, it's exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time!


  1. Do you need an assistant???

  2. Teehee Joanne, we've been asked that quite a few times already! I will be sure to Facebook from the ship and let you know how it's all going :)

  3. So happy for you that it is working out for you. It is truly exciting.

    Coming by Singapore?

  4. Lucky you! Well deserved....grenn glow of jealousy. Anne

  5. You awesomely lucky woman! Have SOOOO much fun!

  6. Wahooo Lorri! I'm so glad it's coming together this time around. I remember those previous posts..what a roller coaster. :-(

    Oh..you are gonna have so much fun! Congrats on such an exciting opportunity to be creative and earn some cash!!

  7. Thanks everyone! I'm getting more excited and nervous as the day comes closer - lets hope we actually get on board this time!! xo

  8. Yay, Lorri !! You are going to have a blast !! The classes sound so exciting and OMG, Asia !! Have a fantastic time and look forward to all the wonderful photos and stories when you return.

  9. Hi, Lorri! Sounds like a blast! Take plenty of pictures! We want to hear all about it when you get back! :-)

  10. Hi Lorri! Just finished a BA (Hons)degree in Fine Art in Cork Ireland. I would love to work on a cruise ship. Can you please tell me how do I go about applying. What qualifications do they look for. By the way Congratulations on your success getting a job on a cruise ship.



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