4 June 2009

Art Cards

Art & Waffles (not the good eating kind)

Over the last couple of days I have been making some art cards.

Today I had my flu jab, attended a 'FM support group meeting' and met some nice ladies who can totally relate to my pain-filled days! (everyday)

The other night I took a bunch of craft stuff from my freezing cold craft room and dragged it out to the kitchen table - where it has stayed for two days!

It is warmer there, but I must have made 10 trips to the craft room for other things - maybe I need to move the entire room? Tomorrow I will have to drag it all back. Right now I have more important things to do, like blogging and uploading my newest cards ;)

Then I'm going to curl up in my electrocuted bed and read for a while.

Here's the resulting ATC's/ACEO's from over the last 2 nights -

Thanks for visiting :)


  1. These are lovely sweet Lorri! I like what each one has to say. The "she laid her heart open" card is my fav:) Love, Jamie

  2. I really love your art and it's fun to see so many at once. As with Jamie, the "she laid her heart open" card really spoke to me! :) Silke

  3. Hi Lorri! I dropped out of site for a while blogwise, but am working hard at catching up! Your ATCs are just lovely! It's amazing to me that in the midst of your pain you can make such wonderful things! I am so glad you have this gift to help you handle it! My pain isn't physical, but my art does the same thing for me! Thank you for sharing yourself and your art!!

  4. These are so beautiful...in so many ways.

  5. Thank you ladies :)
    Kathy - Nice to see you back!
    I'm thinking a blog giveaway might be in order soon xo

  6. Your free Fridays is a super cool idea! I like girl #2, don't remember her name. Your craft talk video was hilarious! Thanks for sharing. Be well!

  7. Love the "She laid her heart open ATC. Care to trade ????xoSusan PS check your mail for a care pkg from the USA!


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