4 June 2009

ACEO Magazine - June Issue

This months ACEO Magazine features two of my flickr groups I administer - 'Scrappindipity' and 'Artist Trading Cards' These groups have so many talented members, and I'm so thrilled to be able to announce that the groups will be featured quite prominently in the latest ACEO magazine issue.

Over the years of administering these groups, I have worked to try to gain some recognition and exposure for the groups talented members - and WOW they are amazing. If you haven't browsed through the photo pools, you can take a look via the links above.

A while ago I ran a competition for the members of the group - to receive some publicity, this is an awesome & very exciting thing for those ladies that have never been published before. I am thrilled to announce that it's finally happening - The ACEO Magazine now has a new editor and I would like to introduce you to lovely Anna-Marie who has worked tirelessly with me to sort out the winners details, their atc images, personal links etc., and the articles that we have developed, to promote the flickr groups.

I hope to see more members joining both the groups after the magazine is distributed.

If you would like a copy of the magazine, please don't hesitate to contact Anna-Marie



  1. So glad to see it's finally happening! I'm looking forward to seeing what's inside!

  2. Congratulations Lorri and to all the talented artists in your groups, too! :-)

  3. Oh my!! Congratulations Lorri! That is just beyond terrific! It's always wonderful to have our hard work and creative efforts validated!! Way to go!!

  4. Congratulations ladies! what a great way to have a holiday..
    Have fun and enjoy the break from the shop


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