4 January 2010

Vintage Postcards I own

Just thought I would share some images from some vintage postcards I own.

If there is any you would like to use, to make something from - please don't hesitate to ask and I will email you the original scan. (personal use only)

Thanks xo

I think this one is so beautiful

I have cleaned up and removed scratches from the original scan of the photo postcard - Miss Madge Lessing

Here I have added some colour, I especially like the yellow rose

An unknown performer

Embossed old Birthday postcard.
The back of the card was quite amazing.
I did not see the back when I purchased it.
It is to 'Winnie' - (My maiden name was WINN and I got called Winnie as a nickname in school) It is from Verna & MARJORIE (my Mum's name)
A sign from the universe perhaps?


  1. Lorri, I just love the first one "Miss Mabel Sealby" - she is so beautiful!

  2. It is very lovely post. It has attracted to me and for the post is really understandable too. I am very much interested to read other too after reading this. Thanks.
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  3. Wow! These are great cards!! Thanks for posting them! And I agree with Becca, "Miss Mabel Sealby" is just lovely!


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