21 January 2010

GIVEAWAY for my blog followers

GIVEAWAY to my lovely blog followers......

This week has been very artful, here's some cards & backgrounds I created.

In fact these were all made since Monday (today is Thursday)
I obviously needed a lot of distraction this week.. It's been a bad week :(

Well I look back over this lot and think to myself......

wow, I created a lot this week.

But from the pain and emotion has come all this messy, inky, paper goodness.

I have a plan for some of these little cards - I would like to give some away. To my friendly blog followers of course...... Also, if you share the love by posting a link to my blog on your own blog, I will put your name in the draw twice!

(If you post a link to my blog, let me know in your comment please)

Thank you for visiting and before you go, can you tell me which one you like the best?



  1. Which one do I like the best....is that a trick question? They are all great! Especially the ones with commentary...very cool. Keep it up! I go through my down times too and I find I am highly creative...there's something wonderfully thereaputic about art...it can get through anything, right? Have a great day!

  2. Lorri, I think there's too much fabulous-ness there to pick a favorite =) Besides, if I'm lucky enough to become the owner of one of these, I think it would be really fun to be completely surprised!

    P.S. I have had a link to your blog on mine ever since we met =)

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  4. Well done. Something of your own mind.
    greetings from Holland,
    Ineke van den Akker

  5. Hi Lorrrie,
    Fab Art!! I especially like the one that starts with 'Devoting myself once more'....
    Would love to see that in my studio.
    I have linked your blog on mine.
    Regards Lucy

  6. You are busy! These cards are great!
    Have a wonderful upcoming weekend!

  7. Love them all Lorri, owning anything you made would be an honor for me, so I won't pick a favorite. You have certainly been productive this week. I do think art is a balm for the heart.

    btw I have always had a link to your blog on mine, and you are in my followed blogs too. :-)

  8. I always love your art and I am so happy you are using it as an outlet.... :) xo

  9. Oh my goodness Lorri! I'm sorry you've had such a difficult week. But, I think it is so amazing that we humans can turn tragedy into beautiful artwork! I think they are all soo well done! But, if I had to choose...these are my three favorites - "Just a Memory", "Objective-Subjective" and the one at the very top of the photo with the three little girls and the words "nice" and "whimsy". And...I'm about to put a link to your blog on my blog...right now!! :-)

  10. I came to your blog by way of the glitzy gypsy blog due to the spelling of your name in the comments section. My sister is also a Lorri and it's rare to see the name spelled that way. Anyway, I hope that you find peace, happiness, and healing - both emotionally and physically. My favorite card? While the "practical point of view" speaks volumes, I think I like the dark-hair smiling beauty who speaks of good spirits.
    Regards, the blogless dejavucreations@yahoo.com

  11. These cards are so beautiful!!! What a generous giveaway!

  12. Hi Ausilori - I remember your name - from Flickr? I think. My favorite one is the green atc although I love the ones with the cut up words - very expressive! Thx for visiting my blog and it's nice to see you again!

  13. I think I like Gloomy Day the best but they are all wonderful.

  14. I have found art does help the soul (and the grief) I left a comment on your OHOW post - I lost my Mom in May 2008.
    Your art is fabulous. I have been creating ATCs for swaps but not like this! Love your style!
    Take care.

  15. Absolutely fab work! love them all,,,,what a creative week you have had!Cathee

  16. I don't think I could choose just one favorite but "Gloomy Day" and "In the Irratable condition of my mind" stuck out to me...nice work !

  17. I'm probably WAAAAYYYY too late for the blog giveaway, but I wanted to let you know the one with "Devoting myself once more to the elucidation........" is my favorite. Also, you now have a new follower! LOL.



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