4 March 2008

Sniff Sniff Sinus

It's finally done!! The surgery apparantly went well. It's 5 days after it now, and I have certainly been a 'dying swan' on my couch since :(
The details are just TOO GROSS to go into on any blog - but lets just say - imagine having your eyeballs pulled backwards through your nose!!!!!!!! and that about sums up the feeling of the 'stuffing' being taken out of your nasal passages.
As for blood - well, I've never seen as much in my entire life and certainly never 'drank' as much either!
The sinus pressure is enormously painful - excruciating for the first 2 days, and the sinus headaches are just awful. Worse than a normal sinus headache.
ENOUGH ALREADY I HEAR!!......... sorry, had to share with my buddies :)

So it's done, I'm grateful it's over - and recovery is slow. Rinses every hour on the hour! Starting to breathe a little. So all is good.

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