11 March 2008

Call me a hopeless case!!

You are not going to believe this....... I just had to blog about it!! (well if you know me - you might believe it LOL)

I even have to laugh myself at this..... I was paying my friend to do some cleaning for me (cos I can't do anything while recovering from the sinus op) and it helped her out at same time... well she asked for a scraper for a window (to remove some sticky stuff) and I went to get my trusty craft knife....... well while trying to change blades to a flatter one, i slipped and sliced it directly into the padded bit of my L. Index finger, I grabbed it and re-stuck it in another section of my finger......... yup, stupid.......... lol, I actually cut it quite deeply.... and was thinking I needed stitches... (luckily i don't think I do) so anyway, on with my silly tale - after getting the bleeding under control, I ran to my freezer to ice it up - it was throbbing and stinging!! and was wrapped in a towel........... well on top of my fridge I have a 'caterers' pack of cling wrap..... it weighs a ton!! and yup, you guessed it......... it fell off when I opened the freezer! It came crashing down and landed on my R. toes........ so now, my index toe (if there is such a thing) has been throbbing for two whole days......... we do think it's broke :(

But how funny is that really - it was a comedy of errors........... and all this while my nose is recovering!!!!!!!

If I didn't laugh about it I probably wouldn't stop crying!!!!!

I'm a wreck I tell ya!!

Anyone know a good 'health' spell???? PLEASE!!! lol

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  1. Oh dear, you sound a bit accident prone. But I have to admit I did have a grin on my face as I read it. I think it was the way you told the story. Prehaps you should go on the stage.
    Do take care, hope you are feeling a lot better


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