27 February 2008

ACEO Magazine features new book "Create, Collect, Trade"

I am so excited to be included as an artist in this wonderful project...... I just found out that the ACEO Magazine has also featured it in their magazine... Now just have to sit back and wait for the book to arrive!!!!

Take a look at the blog - It's all about the book "Create, Collect, Trade" - and the ACEO MAGAZINE have FEATURED it. If you scroll down you see the list of participating artists and links to our etsy stores (if we have them0 on the right hand side.

Nicole Hanley is an art teacher for elementary school children and also a shop owner at Etsy where i too sell a few of my aceo's. A while ago Nicole asked people to donate some ACEOs to her children at school so they would have some Art Cards for education and inspiration. I thought this was a fabulous idea and love sharing my art and cards, so decided I would participate... as a result of that , Nicole then decided to publish a book - A Book of ACEOs - from both artists and school children. So, several participants were selected, in order to help get the book published and off and running the artists paid $40 to cover their copy of the book - a great idea for working capital if you ask me!! I would love to do a similar thing promoting Australian artists one day. I thought it was a terrific thing to try to be involved in, so I showed Nicole my 'art' and blogs etc, and a wonderful boost for my confidence - Nicole accepted me as an artist in "Create, Collect, Trade" Here there is lots of information about the book, the sharing of atc's/aceo's for students project etc. There are also ways that you can participate to show your support for this project - either by buying the book, for yourself or a student … and you can also sign up if you want to have a chance to be part of the next book!!

If you visit the link above, it takes you to Nicoles blog with all the information :)

This is the first edition, so there are plans for more........ how exciting!! There are 32 artists involved along with students, this time around..... and together we are all in support of “Create, Collect, Trade.

How exciting :)

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