11 February 2010

More whimsical portraits

For my birthday my beautiful Bec purchased me an online drawing class, as I wanted to do it to try to extend my knowledge - so far everything I have done has been self taught. So I thought it would be great to have some tips for shading etc.,

I have had so much fun learning some new styles and techniques for my drawings (thanks Bec!!)
They will eventually be painted, but I'm not super confident with the painting techniques yet - actually I'm not so confident with the drawings - but lots more practice to come!

I need to be able to teach myself (or learn from someone who can help me) how to draw profiles, I would like to angle my faces now - time will tell hey.

The best thing is being able to create a little person - a nobody who is real - someone who can be cute, funny, serious, ugly, pretty or just plain ordinary - without having to 'look' like someone real. What I'm trying to do is take some features from people that stand out and have a go at creating a more whimsical face designed with those features in mind.

So far I have only created one of what I call my 'whimsical faces' that resembles someone else... say hello to Tammy from our softball club....

The others are just nobodys.. how sad for them, I'm sure they could come to life in my imagination.


  1. Whimiscal but not ordinary whimsy somehow. I am loving your faces, anonymous and known. Creating a story for them and a persona could be a fun thing to do too.
    Glad to have found you in the OWOH ride...
    Cheers !

  2. What a great job you are doing Lorri!!

  3. Hi Lori,

    Very nice drawings.

    I wanted thank each participant in my OWOH draw and wish you luck on February 15th.
    Thank you,


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