24 September 2009

Reality Check

Ok, I'm asking all my wonderful followers to tell me what you would like to see more of on my blog...... all commenters will go into the draw to win one of my recent 'hand-drawn' art cards :)

Is it more pictures or more text?

Sometimes I want to pour out my heart & soul - but very often pause and decide against it - hey, I know too many people that might read my blog and just not 'get it'.... right?? No, probably Wrong... it's my blog and it's personal, so I guess I should feel free enough to say whatever I damn well please. Lets face it, if someone doesn't like it, then so be it. You can't please all the people all the time, and some people you can't please any of the time. So really what have I got to lose??

Being the owner of a retail store, I guess brings along a sense of 'responsibility' and 'professionalism', which is well and good and probably the reason I hold back so often.
Maybe I should start another blog....... an anonymous one haha - Do you think you would know it was me???

Look at the flack the amazing Suzi Blu got for her 'vulva' posting a while ago - I found it immensely entertaining, refreshing and 'real'..!! Go Suzi, you brave, free speaking soul. I love how Suzi can pour it all out, without fear.. and I know Suzi is responsible - she has the lovely Gigi to care for too, and as for professionalism..... well look at her amazing videos!! Suzi is technically savvy, creative, free speaking, vibrant and fun.

I can do it, can't I? Sheesh, I doubt myself too much sometimes.

The other day I saw a double-decker bus and immediately started thinking about how cool it would be to do it up as an 'art bus' - top floor for living, bottom full or art supplies - I would love a gypsy Caravan too, but either would be cool.

Anyone got an old double-decker bus lying around their back yard they can give me? or even a gypsy caravan?? I might pack up for a bit, go travelling and I might be lucky enough to meet up with Suzi somewhere on a creative journey :)

Anyone wanna come?

Ahh but reality- What about my home, my business, my beautiful girls and even the man I sometimes (sad but true) want to run away from........ I would miss them all too much! So I couldn't be gone for too long. Wow, I'm really thinking about this aren't I.. haha (talking to myself there sorry)

Now I know Bec would probably like another holiday, especially one that involved nothing but playing with pretty papers, paints and crafty goodness every day - hmm maybe a road trip, with classes and lots of sharing, fun, laughter and art!!

Where would I start?

(Reality Check)

We gotta dream! - and I'm dreaming now!

Now if only I can manage to string a few hours sleep together, and wake up not hurting so much tomorrow - I will be content with that for now :)

If you made it all the way down here, thank you for listening now you can go ahead and answer my questions haha... oh and don't forget - a suprise hand-drawn card could be yours!



  1. lorri great post! I prefer to read a blog that is not just about business, or art. I like knowing what's going on in peoples lives, because then you don't feel like you are the only one dealing with stuff. Don't censor yourself, because like you said, it is your blog.
    A couple of times I published some posts talking about my life, and after thinking about it I deleted them. I thought 'who the hell would care what I had to say?'. Even though it is my blog, I worried that people would get bored and tune out. Now I wish I'd kept them, because the came from my heart. Keep doing what you are doing, and I will keep reading :-)

  2. I know exactly what you mean about the professional side of your blog, so I recently re-established and made two, it made me more comfortable. I think it's really important to have somewhere that you can be open and honest without restrictions, I don't think your readers will mind you doing that here, but if you're not feeling comfortable with it then I'd encourage you to find another space as it's such a great way to help work through your feelings and life. For the really personal stuff I carry a journal, a really nice one that feels good to write in.

  3. Why not both? The thing I love about blogs is that you get to know the blogger as a real person while you follow what they've been doing creatively. I also enjoy lots of eye candy!

    Be well and keep creating!


  4. If you're concerned, I agree with Mel - make a separate blog for professional stuff. Me, I like words and pictures and personal stuff - it makes me feel like I'm really connecting with the blogger.

  5. Well, honestly, I like a little bit of everything. Of course, I LOVE seeing your wonderful art - very inspiring =) But I think of you as a real friend even though we've never met in person and hearing about your personal like and business challenges helps me to feel connected to you, too. All things considered, I think you have a pretty good mix here already.

  6. I think a mix of everything! Peppered with pics, and definitely dont censor yourself! Suzie. x

  7. Thank you everyone for taking the time to respond. I think two blogs among all the other stuff I do might be a little too much for me...... So I'm staying here in one place for now - warts and all :)

  8. Oh dont take the real you away from your blog Lorri....I love looking at your art and to know you as a friend and learn from you is an inspiration to me, I feel very blessed... Be you here whether its good or bad !


  9. I agree with Dee dont ever take the real lorri away from this space .Its the first time i have read a blogpost from start to finish and i must say i enjoyed it very much. You have such a wonderful way of expressing yourself its a gift.I can see myself reading more artivity blogposts in the future so please dont stop. xxx Craig xx

  10. Talking about a reality check, maybe you should have a look here: http://marylinwashere.blogspot.com/2009/05/real-suzi-blu.html?zx=f332ddc2656bb4b9

  11. Dear Anonymous,
    The link proved very interesting reading indeed! As did all the other 'link offs' from it. I really don't know what to say &
    I won't edit my post because I personally have not seen any of the negative side of Suzi. I'm also sorry that you have had some bad experiences - or is that someone else? I don't know if you sent me a link that someone else has exposed you to, or if it's you yourself....??
    You didn't sign your name, or log in as a blogger user. If you would like to email me reiki3@iinet.net.au I would be happy to discuss more there. It's a sad thing, and I see the new Ning site is up and running - yay for those hard working girls :)
    Thanks xo

  12. A nice mix of professional and personal is always great. :)


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