7 December 2009


My sadness today had a little interlude of happiness and gratitude.......

During my Mum's struggle with the cancer/pain, we received some gorgeous flowers and cards from family & friends. They were all so lovely and so appreciated. When the kindness arrived today from an online friend I haven't even met, it reminded me of how beautiful this world can be. It reminds me that there is love all around. For this I am so grateful. I hope my Mum is looking down upon my family and can feel this Love - I hope she can see the beautiful flowers and cards and I hope she knows that although we are all terribly sad, devastated and feeling broken, our hearts are filled with her love, her strength and happy memories.

The most amazing gift of 12 long stemmed beautiful yellow & pink roses, from my internet art friend Joanne arrived today - Thank you Joanne, you are the most incredibly thoughtful and generous person. I wish I could hop on a plane and come give you a big hug!

My Mum Loved yellow roses, they were her favourite!!

They arrived in a beautiful long box, with the ends of the boxes die-cut 'roses only', inside were the magnificent roses, a rose scented candle and a box of chocolates....... mmmm chocolate :)

Here's some pictures of the beautiful flowers from Joanne, sitting proudly in my home.


  1. no matter what's happening in our world, there are always angels like Joanne who care and make things better. I am happy that you have someone like her :-)

  2. I am so grateful for the kindness that is so evident dtill in this world of ours.! XXXX

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