10 October 2009

Sketches in progress

Another two quick sketches last night.

The first - Molly, is feminine and buxom :) and likes to show off her curves!

The second - Pride, is not so feminine - she's lesbian and prefers to play down her curves.

It was challenging to get the body shape different for the lesbian, as I'm getting used to drawing shapely, feminine girls. This was a lead into drawing males - one thing I haven't attempted yet. I find the girls so much more fun!



  1. I love Molly's heart shaped mouth! Suzie. x

  2. Hi, I just came across your blog for the first time and spent 1/2 hour reading thru your recent posts and looking at your lovely images. You mentioned as shop where you have atc activities. Where are you? I wish I lived near by. It sounds fun!


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