8 October 2009

Paintings and sneek peek at commissioned piece

Here's a sneek peek at my commissioned "mermaid" I hope you like her. I'm wondering what to do on her tail - glitter, sparkles, bling, gills?

Here's another of my sketches painted two different ways :)

Thank you for visiting :)


  1. Your mermaid is gorgeous Lorri, definetely bling her, a girl can never have too much bling. You inspire me to paint, I think I might!

  2. Love the mermaid! It would be great if the tail looked like that kind of shimmery petrol fumey type thing! If you know what I mean! Suzie. x

  3. GOSH Lor, both ways that you painted her are so precious! I couldn't even choose one over the other, they are perfect!

    And a commission! How exciting and Teagan's a VERY lucky girl. I am just lovin the background on this and really everything about it.

    Wish we could hang out and do ART TOGETHER. That would be a dream-come-true!

    - Vick xox

  4. All of your drawings are so sweet. I love the shading on some of your later ones - is it charcoal you use?


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