5 October 2009

Random mix of new-ish works & a weird photo!

Here's some more random pics of recent creativity.
I scanned tonight. YAY!
I hope to be making some new art cards (aceo's & atc's) from the new sketches.
Check out the girl in the 'I dream of painting' atc - I think she looks like me!!

My ELDA sketch, painted and grunged :)
You may remember 'Elda' from my previous post Pencil out the Pain

"I dream of painting"
Look at her, she really looks like me!

This is a little weird.. I don't remember where the pic in this atc came from, so if you know please point me in the right direction so I can credit it. (and maybe find out who she was!!) ADDED: I found it, the picture is from Lisasaltered art collage sheet - Slides #5... I have emailed to let her know this spooky coincidence!
The weird thing, is that this pic reminded me so much of myself.... I mean the actual girl LOOKS like me as a kid!! So I showed Craig and he didn't believe I had got the photo from somewhere else - he thought I had used a picture of myself and added the clothing.

Secret Promise
Some weird happenings going on in this one! Just what is a secret promise? A promise that you don't actual give and therefore don't commit to. Or is it something you promise but don't ever follow through on? Sigh - I've experienced TOO many of those!! Yes, it is the ruin of them!
(I'm talking about men of course)

A couple of new sketches
I will be making some cards with her soon, oh and painting them I hope.


Who are you dressing up as?

These three cards were made with collage and rubber stamp combination, I stamped into hot white Embossing powder. Collaged the bodies and then added some inking, text and rub-ons.

I really do hope that trust will heal my wounds!

I got a little bit of anger releasing during the process of this card - yup, I scribbled and scrubbed and let some of it out....... ahhh it feels good to release with art :)

He wore curious clothes
I have no idea what I was thinking during the making of this atc! I liked the unusual image and I guess I thought he looked somewhat noble :)

That's it for now - It's 12.22am and time for me to take my sleeping pills and wait for them to kick in....... see you soon,




  1. You have been so busy! I love them all! Suzie. x

  2. Great stuff! (as always!)


  3. WOW! You've been on the move Lorri! I'm glad I stopped in for a visit; it's been awhile. You are evolving my friend! Love your sketches and recent works here! Awesome! Thanks for following my Blog, too; I just signed up to follow yours! Wonderful! I'll be back often! Best to you always - Marilyn

  4. Lorri; just read your comment on my Blog. Your question re: the altered chess sets?? Kerri Posson would know the status of that; she organized - wow - I've even forgotten about it :) Do you have her email? If not, let me know and I can get that to you? I did get my set back; did you? Hugs, Marilyn

  5. Love your drawings, and your ATCs are so detailed and interesting.


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