14 October 2008

strength (10) Taking Flight inspired

My First Canvas

A canvas I started last night, and played around with today - The colours here from the camera and the lighting don't do it justice. I'm happy with my first attempt at a canvas collage/mixed media piece and plan on doing some more - it was fun.
I had stuff all over the place!! LOL
The full piece, when hanging on my wall - the lighting wasn't the best, but it does give you the idea of the overall painting though.


  1. Lorri; this is wonderful! Love the wings and your background is great!

  2. This is your first??? Wow! Great job!!!! I'm impressed and I hope to see more!!! Thank you so much for the comment you made on my blog! It means a lot to me! XOXOXO

  3. Lorri, thanks for visiting. Your blog and art are wonderful. Love your painting. Beautiful colors, thought-provoking. Excellent!

  4. That's awesome Mum. =)
    I'll have to steal a few moments with that book i think!

  5. What a gorgeous piece...the colours you used are so lovely and just bring the girl's face forward beautifully.


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