8 October 2008

Arty-Oz Collaborative Book

Teresa from Arty-Oz along with several wonderful assistants has finally completed our covers for the 2008 collaborative book, that I took part in.

Here's a snippet of what Teresa had to say on her blog:

"Collaborative is the operative word for this project. 31 people contributed pages (that's the largest book I've ever been part of), and quite a number of people helped along the way.

Gail found an image for the cover, Greta worked some Photoshop magic, Lesley from Little Bits supplied the chipboard for the covers, Philippa provided the Tim Holtz charms, and the most amazing team ever assembled came to my house on Saturday to put it all together."

I can't wait to get my book and see all the glorious pages together...... just look at this - I'm drooling already!!!


  1. That looks so delicious! I can't wait to see all the pages of your book!

  2. I can't wait to see all of the pages; it looks like fun!!


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