15 October 2008

My Spoons

I have now received two beautiful spoons from two lovely, caring and wonderful artists - Kat and Jan - please visit their blogs and say hello :)

Both the spoons are so beautiful, and I thank you for helping make me smile - Dealing with constant pain is a very unpleasant thing, and lovely people like you are a blessing!

To understand more about the SPOON THEORY please visit the link.

Clicking on the pictures will show you a large picture so you can see the beautiful detail in these spoons.



  1. I love the explanation of the spoon theory - and your spoons are beautiful gifts.

  2. I've never heard of the spoon theory - what a lovely sentiment! These spoons are beautiful.

    BTW - you're tagged!

  3. These spoons are beautiful!

  4. ooOOooo I dig a well altered spoon and have done a few in my past too....how lovely and they are so much fun...love what you did. :)
    P&L, Dar


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