21 April 2011

Welcome to "Dayna"

© 2011

Last Monday night I started sketching a lovely lady, I posted the sketch onto facebook and asked my friends to give her a name - "Dayna" was gifted to her. Here I'm showing some quick step by step images of the process that became the completed mixed media painting of Dayna.

I hope to make Dayna into beautiful greeting cards and possibly some other yummy products, along with a few of my favourite 'girls'

Let me know what you think about her please....

Enjoy :)

The original sketch
Dayna is now painted, all pretty with her red hair & soft lips.
Deciding which background papers to use:
Background papers glued and painted, and placing Dayna over top to decide where she looks better.
After deciding where she would sit, I lightly marked under the cut-out with pencil. Then I added a shadow of green to blend her into the background.Here's a close up of the bottom left hand corner - I love numbers!!

A close up view of her face and the green shading

Here's an even closer view of her face.
Thanks for visiting my blog, and remember - like Dayna is telling you - YOU ARE SPECIAL :)

Also, please remember - All artwork on my blog is © Lorri Lennox 2011 If you wish to use my images in any way, please contact me.


  1. Dayna is beautiful and so are her surroundings!

  2. Lorrie, she has a light and clear energy to her...well done.


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