18 April 2011

Inspiration, Motivation & Direction

Hey there Blogger and friends,

Well it's about time I decided to sort my art issues out..... I am so scattered with what I love to do, what I want to do, what I should do, what will or won't sell (to help me feed myself haha), and what inspires me etc etc

I have so many ideas floating in my head which need to be given impetus and motivation!
My recent trip to Melbourne has really gotten me thinking - out loud via my blog.

Do you find you have lots and lots of things you like, which makes you a little unsure of what to do, where to start, what next etc?

I do. It confuses me.

So today I have gone through all my folders on my pc where I save my favourite artists works. I have printed off pages and pages of small images of the art that I like best. One's that inspire me the most.

Basically I just looked through the images and without any thought just chose the one's that jumped out at me the most. I printed them as 9-ups - just big enough to see but no use for anything. I did this so I could start an inspirational journal or notebook. (I don't steal or use artwork without permission) This is for me personally, and what I'm planning to do is look at each piece of work individually and ask myself some serious questions...

For example:

What jumped out about this artwork the most?
What is it I like about this piece the most - is it colour, composition, linework, background etc
Would I be happy working my art like this consistently, or would I get bored easily?
(I do get bored, and although I value consistency - I couldn't do the same old same old day after day) So this question is very important for me.

I'm hoping to somehow 'brand' my artwork, into a marketable product range. This is a dream I have had for a while and I now have the intention to start it happening!! But where do I start? That's the biggie for me.

I would like you to help me out, my special art friends and blog buddies.

If you could answer a few little questions for me, about my art - just like the questions I am asking myself about your art :) Then I would truly be forever grateful.

Could you please look at my artwork/art jewllery, and then give me some answers to four little questions...

1. What is it you like about my art the most?

2. Do you easily recognise my artwork, if so how?

3. What do you think I should focus upon the most?
(I ask this because I have worked in many areas - ie: Atc's/Aceos, mixed media paintings, collage using vintage images, jewellery making, tote bags etc)

4. What product lines do you think would suit my style of work?
(notebooks, greeting cards, pocket mirrors, badges, clothing, bookmarks, prints, pendants, etc)

Now I'm going to paste in these little pictures into a notebook, and start compiling a list of everything I like or don't like about each piece of art. Then I will go over my results and see what common threads seem to appear - I need to streamline my style and focus on the things I love the most for my new productions. Then I will add the responses from my questions into the book and see if there are any 'connections' which can lead me to some decisions about where to go next.

I appreciate your feedback.

Love and creativity to you - Lorri xo

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  1. I'm a card lover, so I would love to see all of your prints/art in a card series. I was able to by "Hope" as a card (several of them!). Wish they would have had your name on the back....if I were to receive one I wouldn't know how to purchase or find your other amazing art! (Just a thought!) ~ Bobbie


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