22 February 2011

Caged Girl

I spent a few hours over the weekend sketching this caged girl, and today I completed painting her and adding a little birdie (yup, I'm also bird crazy lately!)

The quote really touches me, and I hope you will enjoy her too.

© L.Lennox 2011


  1. Fabulous quote Lorri and a beautiful painting!

  2. Very lovely! I actually have that quote posted in a very special place in my house :)

  3. Hi Lorri...would you please check your email ?
    Your OWOH prize arrived today in Holland !!
    Thank you so much !!!!

    Hearty greetings Rian xxx
    I thiink that you know what birds mean to me !!
    I LOVE your quote added to this beautiful artwork !!!!

  4. gorgeous, lor ~ such pretty, soft colors! and this is a lovely new quote for me.

    birds carry so much rich, personal meaning for both dan & I (would love to chat about it one day). To us they are god's little messengers symbolizing the connection between heaven and earth!

    love u lots,
    - vicki xo


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