8 November 2010

Mushroom Tote - Reversible

A gorgeous combination of co-ordinating fabrics, inside pockets and the perfect size to stash all those goodies.

Handles are triple stitched so it can tolerate being filled to the brim with all your goodies.

You can flip the bag inside out for a different look, with the pockets on the outside. All inside stitching is hidden, and this tote is reversible.

Hand-made by me.

Approx finished size 14 x 16 inches.

Disclaimer: Hand-made items are not always totally perfect, they are perfect in their quirkiness and originality. No slave labour, or production assembly lines are involved. Not tested on animals, contains no harsh chemicals...... 100% safe and natural.


  1. hellooo....your art so cool...maybe we can share something...please,,,visit my site too...http://apbestari.blogspot.com/thanks,,,gracie....

  2. I love mushrooms!!! Very cute tote.


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