7 August 2009

Crazily making my Art Cards

I finally got to sit and scan for a while, here's my last couple of weeks worth of art cards.
In the store, we did the spin/splash workshop and I completed some cards using that background technique..... I love the effects you can get from the splattered paints!

I have uploaded the splattered paint ones first :) - Enjoy

Oh, some of these cards will be listed for sale in my etsy store- http://www.artivity.etsy.com and others may be available for trading.

Get Ready,

Get Set,


Gypsy soul

Considerable Distinctness
Brain Weariness
Dreams of angels
Where should she live

Social Differences
Out of the Dark


Head resting in her hands
Freedom to be yourself

These ones are completed using collage, gel medium transfers & painted backgrounds -

She was alive

Rough Threadbare

I should split

He was a curious person

He knew he ought to write!


Connected letters

A voice spoke

zetti style
Somewhat Different


  1. This is a reference to your last post. PONDER THIS! They are the most amazing, incredible and gorgeous cards I've seen. Next time I'm in your shop I have to pass on a hug from Susan (brokenart) so don't be alarmed if a short, dumpy, grey haired lady suddendly throws her arms around you...tis just me.

  2. You are so talented Lorri, I wish I could come and do some classes with you!

  3. Lorri...these ATCs are fantastic.... I have been trying to find one of those spin sets for ages!I must be looking in all the wrong places...vbg

  4. once again you outdo yourself these cards are exceptional. x

  5. Thank you all for your kind words and support :)

  6. Arent these unique ! Thanks for sharing the gorgeous background technique Lorri and to Craig for making you the Spin Splash tool !
    Your cards are awesome .

  7. Lorri, these are fantastic!! I love love love the splatter technique. Never heard of it before! You picked the perfect images and words to match the feel of the splatters. Really awesome work. xoSusan


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