25 August 2009

Another Sketch

Here's my most recent sketch

A previous sketch

A few coloured versions of her.

I'm enjoying sketching these girls, then scanning them so I can print them out and paint them. Same pic with different colouring and background can make such a difference.

Acrylic painted Sketch adhered to paper torn background

I do tend to prefer the whimsical styles, as they are 'not so perfect' and quirkier - that said, I'm enjoying getting my girls to look a little more realistic too :)

This one is water-coloured, with a water coloured background.

Share with me...... Q: Which style do you prefer & why?


  1. I like the first colored one - with the pink/orange hair. I think the reason I like her best is the added detail in the eyes.

  2. I love the very top one, as I commented on fb, I think her eyes are lovely. Out of the others I really like the 4th one down as I love the background! Suzie. xx :)

  3. What a great idea Lorri!!! I'll have to try that. My fave is the torn paper background. BTW I love your blog background too!

  4. You can really work magic!



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