23 August 2009

Sunday Sketch & A BIG Thank You

Here's a Sunday Sketch....

and...... a quick follow up to my post- About Me - a big whinge and some explanations

I truly appreciate all your kind comments and support, it's the kindness that you all show which reminds me that the world really can be a wonderful place.......

I use my blog as an outlet for my expression - creatively, emotionally etc., and if I seem to whinge often, well it's because I'm suffering - I hate it too, I hate the whinging, that goes with it sometimes.... I also hate having to pretend I'm ok when I'm not because I don't want to verbalise my feelings...... so, to do it by typing is probably easier and less painful to the family and friends that have to put up with seeing me constantly battling my pain.

I will always try to add some 'art' to my posts - but find that I really do NEED this blog, and I also need YOU my visitors!!

You have all inspired me so much, shown me that there is care, compassion, empathy and love in my world.

Without you and without my wonderful family (who I couldn't live without!!) I would be lost (well more lost than I already am.. haha)

So from the bottom of my heart - ((((hugs)))) to all of you & thank you xo

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  1. Hello! I agree with you, we do need our blogs for self expression! It is wonderful to see people revisit our blogs and take the time to show their care. I love your drawing! Suzie. XXX


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