17 June 2008


Today I received a lovely little note from Siobhan Ryan - from Flickr group "Artist Trading Cards" or "Scrappindipity"
I'm not sure which group - because I admin for both.
The problem I have here, is knowing who is who by usernames versus real names!!

I want to say thanks to Siobhan but can't find her name on the group.

I received two gorgeous atc Rak's - and a little note thanking me for the work as an Admin for the group/s.
It was a pure pleasure, and such a thoughtful gesture.

The groups do take up a lot of my personal time, and with over 2000 members Siobhan is the very first to send me something as a thank you for the involvement with the group.......... how sweet and thoughtful...

Thanks Siobhan xoxox Hugs!!

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