6 June 2008

Darkroom Door products by Rachel Greig

Front cover of book.
I think the pic on the middle right is actually Rachel :)


  1. Lorri; this Darkroom Door book you worked on is awesome! I love the placement of the images, tags, the embellishments are VERY cool! Love the color tones, too. This is a WOWSER!

  2. This is stunning! I love it.

  3. THis is an incredibly BEAUTIFUL piece, Lorri!!!!
    It's simply GORGEOUS!!!!!!

  4. Hi there
    I've just found your blog and absolutely love it. your artwork is beautiful so I've added you to my fav people list

  5. Looks gorgeous Lorri!

    That girl looks SO MUCH like Rachel! But it's not her!! LOL! I asked! LOL!


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