23 September 2011

ATC Swap


Hello everyone,

I am running an ongoing atc swap. ALL WELCOME!!

Here's the details:

Everyone is welcome to join the fun.... 3 atc's minimum - 6 maximum.

ATC's will be swapped among the group of cards received, so you will receive 3 sparkly new cards from another creative soul. I will try to swap like for like but believe no matter what your level of skill is, that we all learn from each other and we all start somewhere - so If you are New to ATC's you are welcome to join too!

It would be wonderful if you could try to make your cards 'arty' and do your best work. There has been a lot of talk about atc's where someone has just stuck a sticker on a background paper - this isn't really making an effort. So please do your best, your efforts will be rewarded by other ATC's made with care and attention :)

You will need to send your cards to me, so please email me - artivity3@gmail.com to get my postal address.

I will cover the return cost of the envelope back to you - as I'm in Australia and understand you can't send me postage stamps that I can use. If you can send an addressed envelope that would, however be appreciated and will be very helpful.

The swap is ongoing, no rush, no deadlines, no pressure - just make your cards and send them to me when you can.. they will be sent out with other cards as the other cards arrive.

You can send me cards regularly too - so if you want to send more cards say a couple of weeks later, then YES please do so :) Even if I have no cards to swap from anyone else, I will always swap my cards with you!

If you would like a little inspiration - please feel free to join my groups on flickr..

SCRAPPINDIPITY (my business name) - Over 700 members and growing. This group is for all paper arts, journalling, mixed media, atc's, aceo's, paintings etc., A wonderful group of very talented people - so feel free to get lost in the amazing art here :)

ARTIST TRADING CARDS - with over 3000 members, there is lots of ATC's/ACEO's to browse here!!

I will send the invitation to participate to the groups too.

If you haven't been to USTREAM, I am also now broadcasting there LIVE on a RANDOM basis. I have some recorded videos, and some You Tube videos but I'm very new to recording - so be warned, I'm quite laughable at times. Also I may warn you that my streams are very open and I say it like it is! You might hear the occassional swear word HAHAHA. My USTREAM Channel and my YOUTUBE Channel

Thanks for participating :)

If you wish to


  1. This is going on my list, once I finish up a few other projects and commitments!

  2. I'm mailing mine today Lorri - I didn't know I needed to send a return envie, but I think I put in an address label. Will remember for next time. Thanks again for doing this!

  3. I'd love to join your swaps. Since it's so late in the month I'll plan on doing the October swap. And I promise to be as artsy as I can. I'm a new ATC maker and I think I'm addicted. You can see the ones that I've done so far on my blog. When I have my cards ready I'll email you for your address. Thanks!

  4. Wow! These are so awesome Lorri!! <3

    1. Thank you, if you would like to join in swapping with me - just send me an email :)


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