10 July 2011

Arty Uploads


Today I'm sat bundled up in front of my gas heater, armed with tissues, throat lozenges & snuggling with a blanket - The Flu Lurgy got me! So I thought it would be a good time to upload some works that I haven't yet blogged.

The original DAYNA from where her Twin emerged

I love making backgrounds, and playing with paint, spritzes, crayons, pastels and whatever I can get my hands on to make yummy mixtures of colour splurges and splashes, did I say drippage?? I love drips and runs and bleeds and smooshes... yup I'm delirious = lets blame the cold and flu meds!! teehee Ok, lets show you some more work - oh but btw, I also LOVE numbers and letters :)

Backgrounds for my Journal & Some journal pages

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  1. I love you use of bright colors, what kind of sprays and paints are they? I am trying to teach my self to draw (without much success, lol) but I certainly love looking at those that can!


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