1 August 2010

Sydney & Home

Wow, time does go by fast.
I have been to Sydney and back. Didn't get to meet up with Linda B - as we were both so busy.
I enjoyed Darling Harbour and Circular Quay - didn't enjoy the fast pace and drivers!!
Oh isn't it always nice to come home... Next holiday will be a relaxation one, none of this walking miles and miles per day.
 My fibro just didn't like it, I came home sore and aching along with a sore throat.. thanks Sydney!! LOL

Since my return I have made some more resin pendants and some pretty birdy glass pendants, using collage images I either created or purchased online.

I have enjoyed this.
Tomorrow is a resin canvas class - part two. Looking forward to it, the students have created some gorgeous works of art!!

Here's a few pics of my recent jewellery, some is available on my etsy store or my madeit store if you are local to Australia.

Thanks for looking :)

Take care and stay creative!


  1. I love Sydney as it was home for some years and I always enjoy my visits there.

    Your jewellery is beautiful :)

  2. Beautiful work! And take care with that fibro, I know it can wear on a person.

  3. Gorgeous pendants! Love all the shapes.


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