6 May 2009

A small reprieve among the many hours of work

Last Friday night, we celebrated Amy's birthday with a how to host a murder mystery party. It was fun, and "Tattle Tale" ended up doing the murder (my Mum's character) LOL

It was a good night, I enjoyed it. Especially after all the stress of moving store. Bec and I are almost done, we have worked ourselves silly, and I mean it...... we have had some seriously delirious moments!!! Lugging boxes - at least 200 of them!!!!!! full of stock, files, paperwork, samples etc etc

I'm sure moving house was easier than this has been.

We have erected a wall to form a classroom/workshop area - it's smallish - around 25M2 but plenty big enough for 8 ladies to create in a friendly atmosphere. Now I'm looking forward to getting some arty things happening, and to have a social feel to our store.

The store itself is looking nice too - all so clean and neat, with stocks galore. We have gone with our colour scheme and retro themes.

My mum made us some cute little polka dot curtains & the pinup boards are up, the paper storage in place, as well as lots of other 'necessities'... I will definately post some pictures when it's all complete.

I will post a couple of pics in this post a bit later, from the "Murder Mystery Night" (Hollywood Powar & Greede Premiere night) I have to get them off Bec's PC.

Amy and Ali did a wonderful job with the decorations too - it really helped to set the scene.

That's all for now, I'm desperately in need of a spa - I ache from head to toe!!



  1. Hi, Lorri! Murder mystery night sounds like fun! And it sounds like you've been working hard, too! A spa day sounds fabulous! :-)

  2. Now, take it easy Girl!!! I can't wait to see the pics of the new store!!!! Love, Jamie

  3. Congratulations and good luck in the new store!!

    Happy blogoversary!


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