18 May 2009

Scrappindipity Store Peeks

The store is finally finished and we have had our first week there. There are a couple of little 'tweaks' here and there, but it's all up and running...... whew and woo!!

That cute cupboard was found at a 2nd hand store, and I think it was made for us! It's the perfect colour to match our wall. The top drawer is full of pens and the 2nd one full of cute mini canvasses.
Can you see our handmade jewellery in the cabinets?

We have our window signed and now just have to wait for a huge 11 metre sign up the top!!
The store isn't huge, but we didn't want it to be - we want it to be cosy and friendly.
Workshops will be put into place very soon - we are looking forward to having some socialising and creativity :) as we are both really enjoying having our own workshop space out the back, and it's even inspired me to create more (which is wonderful)

I still haven't uploaded the pics from my camera, but here's a couple that Bec took........ just a couple of sneeky peeks which I have knicked from our official site Scrappindipity


  1. Looks fantastic, wish I could go shopping.....

  2. Looks great and even better IRL...
    Thanks for organizing a workshop so soon Lorri!


  3. What a lovely place! Wish you very success!

  4. That looks like an amazing store - I wish I lived close enouth to visit!! :) Silke

  5. Hi, Lorri! Congratulations! Wooo-hooo! :-)

  6. It looks fantastic! Congratulations!

  7. It just all looks so yummy!! Congratulations Sweetie! Love, Jamie


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