17 September 2008

Amy in Oz

When playing around with PS, I decided to play around with a pic of my beautiful daughter Amy (she needs a pep at the moment) and her cat soxy (poor soxy is dying of kidney failure at the moment.) So I thought I would do something that means a lot to Amy - both her lovely kitty and the Wizard of Oz......... SMILE Amy!! here tis:


  1. how sweet! So sorry to hear about her kitty, but he's lucky to be so loved! hope this makes her smile~

  2. Sorry to read about Amy's cat! Our pets are part of our family; it's heartbreaking when they're ill.

  3. The Red Sox won tonight/today ~ in Soxy's honor!! I am so sorry to hear how sad Amy is and that her sweet pussycat is failing. I completely understand. Here are 2 links that meant the world to me when I lost my "son."



    http://www.rainbowbridge.com/CandleLighting_Tribute/Monday_Candlelighting.htm (10AM tuesday is the time for Australia)

    As for the art, I just KNOW she adored this! What a lucky girl to have a mum that loves her so much!

    - vicki xo


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