25 July 2011

twitter award

I got awarded a Bronze Twitter Helper Award......

Well I didn't know such things existed.. I haven't been using twitter for long, but was happy to accept this award for being 'helpful' on twitter :)

23 July 2011

Set of 5 clay angel aceo's

Set of 5 clay angel aceo's
Originally uploaded by auslorri
More cute little Clay angel ACEO's

Via Flickr:
These are PURPLE not blue like the picture shows.. don't know why my camera did this :

22 July 2011

Clay Angel ACEO's

I had fun making these Clay faced Angels :)

The green one is going to my online Ustream friend Dede, who actually sent me the background papers from one of her stream giveaways!

I have kept one for myself, so I can create some more. I was inspired a long time ago by another creative flickr friend "Cindy" - I don't have her blog or link :( and have wanted to make these little angels for the longest time.. so here they are!

Enjoy, and if you would like the last one from the set it's now available on my ETSY store.
I hope to make some more very soon!
If you have ATC's to trade, and wish to trade, email me and maybe we can work something out where I make you one for trading.

Thanks for visiting me today :)

19 July 2011

10 July 2011

Arty Uploads


Today I'm sat bundled up in front of my gas heater, armed with tissues, throat lozenges & snuggling with a blanket - The Flu Lurgy got me! So I thought it would be a good time to upload some works that I haven't yet blogged.

The original DAYNA from where her Twin emerged

I love making backgrounds, and playing with paint, spritzes, crayons, pastels and whatever I can get my hands on to make yummy mixtures of colour splurges and splashes, did I say drippage?? I love drips and runs and bleeds and smooshes... yup I'm delirious = lets blame the cold and flu meds!! teehee Ok, lets show you some more work - oh but btw, I also LOVE numbers and letters :)

Backgrounds for my Journal & Some journal pages