24 June 2011

What's on my desk.. works in progress

"Be Vulnerable"

Here's a further peek into what I have been doing this week....

Journal Pages, spritzed with VIP's and a mask.
A Canvas using lettered background, VIP spritzes and splashes

A fun digital made using an IPhone Application wordfoto
The paper towel inky, yummy mess, I will tear into pieces and stick into some journals

This was a sign I saw in Perth City - I loved the colours and design.

The 'almost finished' "Be Vulnerable" painting

Acrylic pendants I made hanging from a nice metal birdcage

"Live Wholeheartedly" painting in progress.. I don't like her so far so I will be making lots of changes to her face.. more and more layers, and a change of her eyes somewhat I think!

This picture is from a magazine, taken with my IPhone, I love this idea! Especially love those gorgeous cushions. I'm not normally an 'orange' lover, but this works so well and is so fresh and happy.

17 June 2011

UStream video

My first video... fuzzy blurry with fast moving objects.. beware!! LOL
I'm showing a few of the works in progress and a couple of pieces of art I have done.

I hope to get better with practice and be able to broadcast some live video tutorials, demo's and then in the future some workshops.

Take a peek and dont laugh too much :)

2 June 2011



For this piece I tried to get more texture into the paint, by painting several layers over and over. I added splashes of colour to get a more colourful face.

I think I like her - do you?

Since scanning this picture I have added some eyelashes and she is coming together nicely.

The piece of watercolour paper is too large for my scanner, so it lifted and let light in causing a blur :(

I will have to photograph the completed painting again, but here's some I have so far.

Making a template for her dress

The messy work in progress

Adding the 'outpourings' to her dress

Sitting on my cupboard, waiting to be framed.