18 November 2008

Thailand & Malaysia

What an awesome trip - an adventure!! In Thailand we visited some absolutely mind-blowing temples, and the history of the place was incredible. Spending was fun, we went to Chatuchak Market - not enough time in a day!! It was so big, crowded and humid - but who cares about that when shopping - right? LOL
In Malaysia, we went to the Elephant Conservation centre in Kuala Gandhar - an incredible place where they take care of the elephants - it's totally free, and you get to feed, ride and wash the elephants - bathing with them was such fun, and a true highlight of the trip. Bec and I donated some money to them, as we all thought they did an amazing job. Check out the photos - a once in a lifetime experience for me. We all loved it. I also had major anxiety as we travelled the Sky Bus - 2000 feet above sea level to what looked like a true 'fairy castle in the sky' - the drop below was terrifying for me, and my anxiety was confronted head-on...... I cried like a little girl with fear - but managed to actually DO IT..... YAY!!!!! We were among and above the clouds!! So totally majestic, a view to behold.... and of course I had to get back on to come down the mountain!!
WHEW, It was good to come home after long flight delays and no sleep for a whole night!!
I missed my art, and came home to some beautiful packages awaiting me...... Thankyou to all my art-friends, your generosity is incredible and your talent so inspiring. I hope to scan some of my goodies soon - I just have to get over the jet-lag/anxiety thing first LOL

It's been over 2 weeks since I made anything, and even with my elbow slowly recovering, I don't want to push it too much. We (Bec and I) received some gorgeous new stock for the store (Scrappindipity) and I can't wait to get stuck in and play with it all....... so watch this space.

Here's some holiday shots:

5 November 2008

Holiday time

Hello Everyone,
Tomorrow morning I am starting my holiday. We are going to Bangkok via KL and then back to KL for another 4 days.
I am so scared of flying - anxiety is awful - trying to keep positive and self talking away those horrible distracting silly anxious thoughts haha
Once I land I will be perfectly fine - and the flight home is never as bad - I just get anxious going! Maybe it's a cross with excitement too.
The family are so excited, and we have some lovely things planned to do - as well as some awesome shopping - and for ART supplies too!! how cool :)
I will be back home on the 15th November.
Most likely will check my mail etc., via a net cafe or I will come home to 500 emails lol
My elbow might get a rest while holidaying too - no art though :(
Have a wonderful 10 days - see you soon!