10 July 2008

Where did I go?

What's been happening?
Where did I go?
I vanished.................. but I'm back....

I went away for a week's break - and came back to bedlam lol, now I really need a holiday.

Bec and I bought some new fittings for our store, and had to remove all our stock to exchange the fittings over....... all among counting for the end of financial year stocktake..... which is still NOT complete.

Then, we bought some new stock at bargain prices from a store which closed down (sad story - but we will turn it into a positive thing) The poor lady died of cancer - so as a goodwill gesture, Bec suggested we have a SALE and donate a percent to the Cancer Council...... in her honour. Cheryl had a passion for paper craft like we do, so we would love to keep her dreams alive too - and decided to hold a sale that will take place end of July. We are going to theme it "XMAS IN JULY".... It will be blogged soon at our store blog http://www.scrappindipity.com.au

The "Made on the Left" craft fair is this Saturday - and I had huge plans for making all sorts of yummy things - but haven't done much of anything :( Time just slips away sometimes........... must get more motivated....

It's winter now, and I'm cold - my poor aching body doesn't like winter much now :(

Both Craig and I are getting over a bad food poisoning where we got a bug :(

I'm looking forward to the end of financial year being over and done with.......... haven't even thought about all that book-keeping and accounting stuff yet........ sigh

The store has been really busy this week - strange hey - it's quiet when you have nothing else to do, and hectic when you want time to do things!! Nature of the beast I guess......... and I am never going to complain about happy customers......... bring em on!! I love my customers - Love helping them, Love creating and sharing...

Love my blog buddies too!!

Thanks for listening............ oh and I have about 20 atc's to scan and upload soon.. keep a watch here.


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  1. Lorri; hope you're feeling better; wow! You've been through a lot as of late. You are very busy! The sale for the Cancer Council was a great thing to do - good people you and yours are! I will look forward to the pictures of your ATC's :)


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