8 September 2007

Where to go, What to do... online that is

Today I have spent a lot of time creating this blog. I wish I was a little more IT savvy and could have a nice banner on the top. I may get Bec to help me with that...
But for now, here it is. I hope to upload my pics, but couldn't see any place to put particular folders and such. If there are any well versed blogspot users out there - I would love to hear your tips/tricks.
I really am a big flickr fan, and love the way i can be well organised there... it's the only place i am organised.. LOL
Ok, I have added several links to the pages that I have visited before, and the ones i frequently visit for inspiration. Some of my flickr friends are listed, and some of my swap partners, group members etc., If you would like a link on my blog to your blog/site, please ask - the more the merrier I say!! Eye-candy is such a good thing. Some days i spend more time looking at eye-candy planning my creative activities and then I end up doing nothing-as I have sat for hours dreaming, drooling at everyone elses work.. hahaha but that's the beauty of blogs i guess. To waffle to your hearts content, to share, to meet, to learn - and with like-minded friends, NOTHING could be better.
I love trading and participating in swaps. The flickr group is great for eye-candy, and we run regular swaps too. Also if anyone wants to run a swap - then jump right in and let me know.
The time is now 1am and I am off to bed. We just went to a quiz night and came in 2nd... lost out on winning by one question!! yup, just the one... ah well it was a nice victory :) Niters!

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