27 October 2016

HI Blogland :)

So, What's been happening with me?

Well I taught at ART IS YOU, that was a highlight of this year so far.

I participated in the APRON PROJECT and hand-painted a 'girl' using my own stencil as a base and then working it all with fabric paint... It was the first time I've ever used fabric paint. It was trickier than usual - fabric is very unforgiving! It was fun though, and I totally loved my finished piece. One bidder bid a nice amount of money for her and she has gone to a loving home now.

I began my journey with GelMoment www.lorri.gelmoment - a one step nail polish gel, that is fantastic!! I've been doing really well with it and it's the first Direct Sales company that I've worked in that has actually been making me some $$$ and I LOVE the product so much - that's the whole reason I joined up :) I have a great team of ladies now and am busy working markets - yes, with both my arty farty stuffs and GelMoment too! Busy Busy.

I taught on the ASTOR Cruise ship last December - an art program - that was cool bananas! I met some wonderful people and made some special friends.

I am teaching again on the ASTOR in a months time, from New Zealand back to Fremantle... WOWSA.. only a few weeks before I go to NZ - so excited!!
Between now and then I have 6 GelMoment events to attend, so I'm a crazy busy girl right now.
I prepared over 350 Kits!! for the cruise and am almost packed and ready to go.

I met some very special art friends, Seth Apter, John Creighton Petersen, Michael and Andrea DeMeng & their beautiful daughters, Kecia Deveney & Linda Lucas... all thanks to the amazing work and love of Sallianne McClelland! I got to catch up with Vivian Paans who I hadn't seen for years, and she is as wonderful as ever. What an amazing time, and I had my friend Shirley visit for AIY form Sydney.

The kitty next door "Cleo" decided she wanted to make my home her home... so she has adopted us.

My colouring book was published.. AMAZING!! and I have a facebook group for the book and coloured pages (along with some free downloads) My art facebook page link is: www.facebook.com/artivity3  which is where I post most of my things lately.

I've still battled some health issues, but onwards and upwards as more tests, procedures, surgeries will hopefully help me out in that regard.. 24/7 Pain sucks.

My amazing HEALING OIL has been selling out really fast!! I developed 2 more beautiful blends..

My website has a shopping cart too: www.lorrilennox.com and I'm very slack at sending out emails, so join the list, but don't hold your breath waiting for a newsletter haha

Of course LOTS more has happened, but those are the things that stick out in my mind right now.. Here's some pics of my absenteeism - Enjoy blogland peeps xxx

Absent without Leave... yup I've been AWOL! Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the other places around the internet...